Vasquez Integrators Awarded MBE Certification


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Vasquez Integrators Awarded MBE Certification 

Dominican-Born Founder Embraces Minority Status

New York City, New York, April 25-- Vasquez Network Integration LLC (DBA Vasquez Integrators) received its MBE Certification from the NYC Department of Small Business Services on April 23. The certification recognizes minority-owned enterprises and assists certified businesses with obtaining greater access to key information regarding contracting opportunities. 

In order to qualify for the MBE certification, businesses must have offered services for at least one year and have a "real and substantial presence" in the New York City market, amongst other qualifications. Once certified, businesses are added to an online directory that helps to connect city agencies with qualified entities. "As a Dominican-born business owner, this certification will provide us with opportunities that have not been readily available to minority-owned businesses like Vasquez Integrators," Vasquez said. "It will enhance our chances of success in the contracting business in New York City and state."

Vasquez Integrators is a network integration company based in NYC. 


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Oliver Vasquez